Secret of Shiva
- as told by a sanyasi Yogi ji
(Things written in Brackets are my explainations)
Me sitting on floor in front of a Yogi, his long silver hair gleaming in light, wearing saffron robes, his wrinkled face had a soft divine and calming smile, He said- Do you know Shiva? Have you seen his photo? Do you know what it means?
I will tell you, shiva is symbolic representation of perfect Human, that is a Yogi, that's why he is called adiyogi how does it represent Yogi? See
Shiva itself one that benefits all
Look at the picture of Shiva first thing you see is crescent moon on his head. The moon represents Calm and peaceful mind(चंद्रमा मनसो जातः इति यजुर्वेदे, चदि आह्लादे) Chandra itself means Bliss, a Yogi's mind is always blissful.
Through meditation a Yogi attains Samadhi, he remains blissful, no matter rain, Sun, cold, heat, insult, praise, a Yogi remains same, Blissful. That's what Chandra represents.
But it's not Full moon it's a crescent moon, pointing downwards towards Shiva, it is because crescent of moon is always towards Sun, Moon shines because if sun, so crescent moon towards Shiva means Yogi is the source of Bliss, Mind is in full control of Yogi.
These days people come to me because they are sad or depressed, I tell them control your mind, meditate , weak mind is cause of all your mental problems.
See Shiva, Ganga flows from hair, you know what ganga means? Me- It means Something that flows with speed He- correct, also Ganga benefits millions of people.
Ganga here represents thoughts, not only thought process of Yogis is fast due to their strong mind, but also thoughts of yogis benefits millions, if people start following teachings of Yogis many problems will be solved.
Then you see Shiva has a snake around his neck, it represents Poison, that is bad qualities such as greed, lust, pride, Yogi has overcome these and expelled them out of their bodies, a Yogi can overcome these poisons
Do you see that 3rd eye of Shiva? It means a Yogi sees more than normal people, normal people see with only their eyes, a Yogi not only sees with his eyes but his mind too, that's power of strong mind.
You want to listen more or you are bored? (Me- No Swamiji pls tell more) people get bored sometimes they don't want to listen, they seek blessings not knowledge.
So as I was saying Image if Shiva represents a Yogi, he wears animal skin, and no ordinary animal, its skin of a Violent animal tiger around his waist, and he sits on it while meditating.
His trident(Trishool) is half buried in ground when he is meditating, trident represents Anger, when he sits down on tiger skin that is suppressed violence he buries anger along with it, no violent thoughts means no anger.
We have to be like that, an angry person is never peaceful, one more thing Shiva is White on colour, white like camphor, it represents that all his ignorance is gone.
Finally he is sitting on top of a mountain, above rest of the world, he is above all common humans, due to his qualities.
Do you understand?
Me -Yes Swamiji

He- good, now you have to do this, try to attain these qualities, your mind should be calm, your thoughts should benefit the world, you must suppress bad thoughts and anger and you must meditate.
Me- Yes Guruji I will, thank you.

I touched his feet and walked out feeling blessed and in a strange divine bliss.
I am sharing this with all of you so that people may realise that out Sadhus and Yogis are Gold mines of knowledge, they should be respected by us.
Thank you for reading, May we all try become Shiva ie Benificial for all and lead a Blissful life

नमः शिवाय
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