I am loving that Governor Cuomo mentioned the need to help upstate milk farmers find downstate milk consumers.

This food ( milk, chickens, vegetables ) were being wasted.

The disruptionS has more consequences than just this example

Governors need to do more on this issue
The Trump Administration Does Not believe in Government.

His government was a quasi wet dream of Grover Norquist.

The pandemic office, the nuclear regulators, food inspectors.. .the State departments all gutted.

You are seeing the cost of the cure
They do not believe in prevention. A working government in Trump orthodoxy is a waste of resources.

However, you see and I see the cost of that belief both economically and human cost.

The government, when it is most effective, is invisible protection. It is not there.
You don't see food safety. You get to take that for granted. You get to take nuclear safety or bridge safety for granted in a competent federal government.

What is happening is these cuts are starting to show.

Someone needs to step in. That is all I am asking about.
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