The concern about this #immigration executive order is that this adminstration has used every excuse to end or limit legal avenues of immigration. It is never 1 month or 2 months. The EOs end up continuing for years. It's the frog boiling in water. We are closing our doors.
I hear from folks that "we just want people to come legally." What most don't realize is that this president is not an ally of legal immigration but under the influence of Stephen Miller is closing legal immigration.
The travel ban continues 3 years later and is expanded. The excuse? 9-11? Yet the mostly Muslim countries caught up in the travel ban were not involved in 9-11. The latest ban also includes some of our highest skilled immigrants who have high levels of thriving, the Nigerians.
Asylum, a legal avenue, has virtually closed with metering, MPP, expedited court dates often without legal representation, and even challenging those who have been granted legal asylum like a pastor granted asylum Fall 19 and told by judge: "We need men like you in this country."
Our reputation towards immigration has left falling international student numbers, which have hurt our colleges who rely on the higher fees these students pay and the ability for our industries to attract some of the best and brightest globally as well as send them out.
This latest executive order isn't keeping out all immigrants but those who have waited, sometimes decades to be reunited with family members in our incredibly long line. Under the guise of protecting Americans this order only falls inline with the line of thinking of hardliners..
who want to close us off to the world. As a Christian, a missionary, an evangelical, that is not America at it's best. We can solve the problem of this illness together. We also have room to reunite families and come up with innovative solutions to get Americans back to work.
Us vs them thinking is the kind of thinking at the worst points in our history. We don't want that. We are best when we are a land of opportunity, when we pull for one another when refugees can find hope here and families can rejoin one another just as our ancestors did.
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