⚠️ @NYGovCuomo acknowledged that #NewYork’s #coronavirus death toll is “not an accurate total number of deaths, in my opinion...That number is going to go up. Those deaths are only hospitalization or nursing home deaths. That does NOT have what are called at-home deaths.”
A handful of states recently began reporting “probable” #COVID19 deaths (not confirmed by #coronavirus test), but most states have NOT. For example, #NewYork state, unlike New York City, has not.
⚠️Elected officials need ACCURATE data about the *actual* number of #COVID19 cases and deaths to make informed decisions about reopening. In the absence of adequate #coronavirus testing, the number of “excess deaths” is an important metric that should be closely watched.🧐
😱Between 3/1–4/4, #NewJersey had ~2,200 excess deaths, a **260% INCREASE** over the reported 846 #COVID19 deaths during the same time period.
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