When the food supply chain starts to rapidly uncouple itself - do you think that’s the time to ask @SecGeneScalia WHY OSHA didn’t enforce the CDC guidelines?
How many more meat packing facilities need to shut down? Before DOL-OSHA are held accountable https://twitter.com/File411/status/1254786954559811593
When the CEO of Tyson’s food says it’s a problem
You do understand that, they can’t contain it anymore beyond shutting meat packing & processing plants down
The food supply chain is breaking.' Tyson Foods warns of meat shortage amid coronavirus pandemic https://ti.me/3bGhkDH?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social-share-article
FTR you do understand the difference between publishing the guidelines (on OSHA’s webpage) versus actual enforcement, right?
Because there’s a huge difference in publishing v enforcement - la sigh
Dear @SecGeneScalia you want to rethink @OSHA_DOL lack of enforcement and ignoring CDC guidelines to protect our Front Line Healthcare Workers?

cc @SenSherrodBrown @senrobportman
@leesgirl9 the complaint is awful
I see that @SecretarySonny is just caring out his mob-boss’ orders...thuggery is the Trump Admin motto;

‘Listen up, real good, I’m only going to say this once; do what I say and there won’t be any probles”

Not to be outdone by @SecretarySonny follow up letter to Meat Packing plants & owners
MOBs gotta MOB

whispers State AGs clapped back, wait for eeeett

“Executive Order 13917 Delegating Authority Under the Defense Production Act with Respect to the Food Supply Chain Resources...”
In which a coalition of State Attorneys General send a letter to @JusticeATR re anti-trust issues within the cattle & meat packing industry

👇🏻this sentence👇🏻

“We are specifically asking the DOJ to lead a thorough examination of the competitive dynamics of this industry“
(playlist in my head right now “ Bom Chicka Wah Wah“)
Listening to ND @FarmBureau‘s April 2020 interview
YUP - I know I’m weird
Jordan Dux Calling For Doj Full Investigation Into Cattle Markets Cuts For Website 4 - -16 - -2020 by WNAX Radio via #soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/wnax-radio/jordan-dux-calling-for-doj-full-investigation-into-cattle-market-prices-cuts-for-website-4-16-2020?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=wtshare&utm_medium=Twitter&utm_content=https%3A//soundcloud.com/wnax-radio/jordan-dux-calling-for-doj-full-investigation-into-cattle-market-prices-cuts-for-website-4-16-2020
What. Porking. Anti-Trust. Fresh. Hell...is this?

“indicated that it will not challenge conduct aimed at addressing COVID-19 if it is (i) “compelled by an agreement with a federal agency or a clearly define d federal government policy” and (ii) “supervised by a federal agency.”
“addressed in President Trump’s April 28, 2020, Executive Order have had impacts up and down the supply chain. One of those impacts, according to NPPC, is the tragic need to euthanize unmarketable hogs that could not be brought to market due to processing capacity challenge...”
“behalf of the National Pork Producers Council..affiliated state associations..its member hog farmers, we write to seek a Business Review Letter related to the COVID-19 crisis. NPPC wishes to confirm that its efforts to keep pork products available for...”
Our Farmers, especially the family farmers are facing a perfect storm of:
financial delinquencies (loans at high interest rates)
3 crushing years of tariffs
Climate Change (flooding & severe weather)
They need relief but it has to be sustainable
Thread👇🏻 https://twitter.com/File411/status/1241496705721303045?s=20
As someone who’s both a personal & professional advocate for farmers, I read that DOJ letter as a pretty big “boon” for major conglomerate farmers and only tangential relief for small family run farms
They don’t want handouts they want/need customers.
Yet here the DOJ gives cover
Dear @SecGeneScalia

So how soon are you going to call your “dear leader” and have the @USDOL OIG fired? I mean it’s Friday

“of June 2, 2020, DOL awarded DWGs to 50 recipients for over $222 million to help address the workforce-related impacts of COVID-19”
I mean you guys where warned in APRIL that @SecGeneScalia knew..

ask yourself why am I tweeting👇🏻
August 2020 COVID-19 @DOLOIG

“increased significantly the number of whistleblower complaints OSHA has received, the Whistleblower Program’s full time employment has decreased“
During the first 4 months of the pandemic

Feb 1, 2020 thru May 31, 2020
-data from OSHA’s Integrated Management Information System showed the Whistleblower Program received 4,101 complaints, which was 949, or 30% more, than during the same period in 2019
Again ask yourself why?
This isn’t a theoretical argument
The facts show @SecGeneScalia leadership
- 1 in 5 complaints (348) docketed for investigation
- yet 2% of complaints (35) were resolved
54% dismissed or closed without investigation
Now do you get why I was screaming?
Furthermore these are not my opinions (which are immaterial) the lack of accountability here is egregious, unlawful & deadly
But these facts rarely get the attention they need.

Aug 2020 DOL-OIG Report

Oct 2020 NELP Report
And lastly I genuinely want my followers to have access to the same set of facts sans the media/bias filter.
I highly recommend you read this -or not
OSHA Must Protect COVID Whistleblowers Who File Retaliation Complaints via @NelpNews https://www.nelp.org/publication/osha-failed-protect-whistleblowers-filed-covid-retaliation-complaints/
whispers - wait until you read the PPE, Testing & Tracing & OSHA enforcement of CDC COVID-19 after action report. IMO people need to be charged with gross criminal negligence
at some point @SecGeneScalia dereliction of duty - there are through lines of his actions & deaths
Did think I forgot this thread
Or @realDonaldTrump (arguably improper) designation of “meat packing plants” were ”critical to the Nation’s infrastructure“?
Or @SecGeneScalia messed up OSHA guidelines re CDC guidelines would result in deaths
previous removal filing was Tyson’s Motion
STATE Court Petition with Jury Demand by Oscar Fernandez
Tyson failed to provide appropriate PPE, failed to implement sufficient social distancing
Isidro Fernandez & >1,000 other Tyson employees were infected..
SON OF A ___ see black boxes
“...Waterloo Facility is Tyson’s largest plant... facility process 19,500 hogs per day”
“Sherrif Thompson conditions at the Waterloo Facility “shook [him] to the core”
Workers crowded elbow to elbow most without face coverings
Yes I’m super mad & you should be too - @realDonaldTrump and @VP wined & dined Tyson Food executives, and @SecGeneScalia DID NOTHING about the CDC guidelines —> OSHA
I hate this administration with every ounce of my being
This is why I’m mad, some of us in DC know where to find the facts & then we try to inform others
people need to go to jail - give me 2 minutes to upload to a public drive - I am so pissed off
https://ecf.iand.uscourts.gov/doc1/07512566499 https://twitter.com/File411/status/1254802065311883267?s=20
”...Tyson executives lobbied, or directed others to lobby,
members of.. House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate for COVID-19 related liability protections“
It was tonight’s CNN segment
reminded me about this thread
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