Watch live @CBCNews: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to provide daily coronavirus update at 11:15 am ET. PM expected to focus on federal government's $73B wage subsidy program, which began taking applications today. 
Almost 10,000 Canadian businesses have applied for the federal government's wage subsidy program since application process opened 5 hours ago, Justin Trudeau says. PM also says more than 300,000 employers have accessed the program's online information portal since last week.
Trudeau says people can collect the CERB or the federal wage subsidy, but not both. PM says government agencies have a record of who is being paid, and anyone collecting both will have to pay it back. Trudeau says it was more important to get the money flowing first.
Trudeau says reopening the economy in different parts of the country is a decision that individual provinces and territories will take. Says both levels of government have worked to develop shared set of guidelines, but it's not up to the federal government to approve any plans.
Trudeau reiterates the need for caution in reopening economy, emphasizing there's no medical evidence anyone who contracts COVID-19 can't get it again. PM says the virus is too new, and concepts like herd immunity can't be taken for granted.
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