We're hearing a lot about "resilience" in this pandemic moment so it's a good time to re-up this fabulous special issue of POROI on resilience rhetorics, put together by @lecagle and @stochasticrhet. Following are some key thoughts. https://ir.uiowa.edu/poroi/vol15/iss1/
In their intro, @lecagle and @stochasticrhet write: "Resilience as a concept evokes the material world and the politics that shape it." https://ir.uiowa.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1303&context=poroi
@lecagle and @stochasticrhet, cont.: "Talking about resilience is a path to talking about what the world is, what it should be, and how dynamic processes, relationships, and material realities connect the two."
"Popular understandings of resilience tend to individualize or communalize it as a property, a tool, or a set of skills to be possessed. Individuals and communities experiencing adversities are constantly told to ‘just follow these steps’ to become 'a resilient person/community'”
YASSSSS: "These individualistic, static, resistant versions of resilience mute its rhetorical and political potential for radically reimagining how systems develop, evolve, and respond to both chronic and acute stressors" ( @lecagle and @stochasticrhet).
As governments and institutions discuss re-opening, we should pause and reconsider what resilience means, how it is mobilized, who it includes and excludes, and what work it does in the world. The articles in this issue offer a good way in to that convo. https://ir.uiowa.edu/poroi/vol15/iss1/
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