@BernieSanders supporters, if you live in RHODE ISLAND, your deadline to register to vote in the Democratic primary is May 3rd. Don’t wait! You can register at this website: https://vote.sos.ri.gov/Home/RegistertoVote?ActiveFlag=1. Voting still matters!
Medicare for All, which is favored by almost 90% of Democrats and a convincing majority of ALL voters nationwide, is somehow opposed by Joe Biden, who has scoffed at it and suggested he would veto it.
If you believe Medicare for All should be a part of the Dem platform, cast a vote for Sen. Sanders. Even though his campaign is currently suspended as he works in the Senate to address the COVID pandemic, he wants supporters to continue voting for him so he can accrue delegates.
Please consider sharing this thread with anyone you might know who lives in RHODE ISLAND.
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