Florida gets about $3,000 more per resident each year from the federal government than it puts in, for over $60 billion each year https://twitter.com/burgessev/status/1254751069558714368
as governor, Rick Scott signed off on eights years of Florida budgets in which the state did not live purely based on Florida taxpayer money
Here’s a press release from about a year ago from Senator Scott’s office, bragging about how much federal disaster relief he got from Florida https://www.rickscott.senate.gov/sen-rick-scott-huge-wins-florida-disaster-funding-bill
“Individually these incidents may not have overwhelmed the ability of the State of FL to respond. Cumulatively, however, these emergencies significantly impacted the state’s capability to provide financial support,” Scott, as gov, wrote to Obama in 2015 after a series of storms
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