Good evening Philippines, good afternoon Europe and good night Australia!!! The Filipino Jury is back yet again for more tops, more twists and more bardagulan! This edition, we're heading back to Vienna for the 2015 ESC!
As always, keeping with the tradition of our Filipino Jury reveals, we always incorporate twists. The twist for this edition is stated in the photo below:
This 15-member jury consists of:
Cage - @TheCageDorito
Meel - @ediblescomplex
Zeph - @myrielxcy7
Portuliano - @eurovisionjoe
Harold - @ESCPHeyrold
Galina - @madam_galina49
Vis - @theviselvis
Vince - @FilipinoESClown
LJ - @vailawble
Katcy - @macchatteto
Spiyati - @iamacomposer
Also including
Tim - @timothyhormigos
Nigel - @NigelDLS
Sofio - @yesthatoiphoz
Joseph - @ev_joseph_
And now, without further ado: LET THE FILIPINO EUROVISION BARDAGULAN OF 2015 BEGIN!!!

*cue music*
Last place. I don't even need to say anything. 11 people have put this last place, a new record. Nonetheless, here's Finland with "Aina mun pitaa" by PKN.
Everyone had to say something about this entry. Most said NO. Next up is "Chain of Lights" by the young duo Anita & Michele who represented San Marino.
Um I'm experiencing difficulties uploading my 38th, lemme try something that'll make it upload
@theotheroliver you're correct!

The first Big 5 entry on our list went skiddy-beep-bop-doo down to the bottom. This is United Kingdom's "Still in Love with You" by Electro Velvet.
From heart to heart, our next entry is coming from Poland, by singer Monika Kuszynska with her song, "In the Name of Love"
Up next in the Big 5, here comes Lisa Angell and her army of drummer boys. It's France with "N'oubliez pas"
With them, bad times go away. It's Anti-Social Media (I know, weird band name) for Denmark with "The Way You Are"
Up next, the honorary Barbara Dex winner, Trijntje Oosterhuis (it took me a minute to type her name correctly) who represented the Netherlands with her song, "Walk Along"
He wants your love, and he's bringing the police with him. Presenting Moldova's Eduard Romanyuta and "I Want Your Love"
Don't deny (x1029)... the fact that 8 people ranked this on their bottom 10. Armenia is up next!
One kiss, and you will see what you've missed. At number 31 is Lithuania with their song, "This Time"
One step at a time, Maria Olafs is "Unbroken". She represented Iceland, and did not qualify.
Um ok, most of my photos are too big to upload, so I'll compress them and download them. Should be done in 10 minutes or less. I am so sorry for the inconvenience.
Ok, let's go back on track.
Take your heels off and throw them to the ground for this duo! At number 29, is Marta and Vaclav who've represented Czech Republic, who've returned after a 5 year absence.
It's Melanie's "Time to Shine"! Up next is Switzerland, which has ended up last in the second semi-final.
They set a piano on fire, but it wasn't enough as they received zero points. Here is the host country, Austria. Their song is called "I Am Yours" sung by The Makemakes.
Here's Romania with their song "De la capat" by Voltaj.
For North Macedonia, Daniel's song fell like the autumn leaves, becoming second to last in the first semi. At least he's number 25 here. He's backed by 3 former members of Blackstreet, best known for their song "No Diggity"
Number 24 is the first of 2 Warriors in 2015. This is Malta's Warrior, Amber.
Beauty never lies, and never gives a damn. This is what Bojana Stamenov believes as the representative for Serbia.
Time is like thunder. Up next is Belarus's entry, "Time"
I really can't think of a description for this song. Here's Maria Elena's ballad, "One Last Breath" for Greece.
We're inching closer to the top 10. Here is Leonor and her entry for Portugal, before a one year absence followed by their very first victory in 2017.
They surely had to be one thing that John Karayiannis should have done, cause he's missed the top 10 or 15.
Ye-yeeeeeaaaaaah, oh. Right there at the 18th spot is Spain, represented by Edurne.
The second of the nul-pointers this year, Germany, is up next at 17th. Now we're only left with smoke. Black smoke.
My oh my, I'm facing my first tiebreaker right here. Both the 16th entry and the 15th have the same average, and same amount of numbers of top 10s and bottom 10s, so I checked which had a better high and low result. Stay tuned!
The lower results ended up with Hungary, so they barely missed the top 15 by a thread.
She was playing with numbers, and we were too, which let her win the tiebreaker. Here's Ireland's Molly Sterling with "Playing with Numbers"
Elnur Huseynov won't sleep tonight, last night I couldn't. At number 14, we have Azerbaijan.
And yet another tie I have to break. This time it's much easier.
The televoting winner and 3rd place finisher this year has quite missed the cut for top 10, losing the tiebreaker at the same time, having a higher percentage of bottom 10s than number 12.
This is Grande Amore by Il Volo.
Slovenia is the winner of this tiebreaker with not a single bottom 10 ranking!
Maraaya will always be here for you, though she didn't reach top 10.
To this day, no one knows the true meaning of "oximated". But Nina is still a warrior. Barely missing out on top 10 is Georgia.
Now we are down to our top 10! The remaining countries are: Albania, Australia, Belgium, Estonia, Israel, Latvia, Montenegro, Norway, Russia and Sweden. Who will win?
Counting off our top 10 is Mr. Golden Boy, Nadav Guedj! He represented Israel, hoping to show us Tel Aviv, luckily he did, making a cameo appearance in the opening of the 2019 Eurovision final, held in Tel Aviv of course.
Right next door is the land down under, give it up for Guy Sebastian for Australia! This is Number 9.
Number 8 right here is Montenegro's best result! It's Knez with "Adio"
Barely missing the Top 5 is the 2015 winner, Mans Zelmerlow with his song, "Heroes" He gave Sweden their most recent win.
Just missing the cut is Elhaida Dani for Albania. She sang "I'm Alive" in the contest and ended up 17th in the scoreboards.
This is it. We are down to our top 5. It's neck and neck. Who will win? Who will come out on top as a champion? Who will reign supreme? Why am I saying the same question rephrased and altered a little bit?
Our 5th spot goes to Polina Gagarina who sang "A Million Voices" and ended as the runner-up for Russia
They said goodbye to yesterday, and sadly goodbye to top 3. They are Elina and Stig from Estonia and they landed 4th in our top.
The bronze medal will go to Norway for this one. Early in the rankings, they made the top spot, but sadly went down the list really slowly to number 3.
This is it. This is the moment you've all been waiting for. Who will win? Belgium or Latvia? It could be any one of them.
And the winner... is...

That wraps up this edition! Thank you for joining us! Results will be released soon.
Just kidding. The winner really is...
BELGIUM! CONGRATS TO LOIC NOTTET! (details of the top 2 will be revealed soon)
Latvia almost won this one, but in the end, they didn't.
Congratulations once again to Belgium! Apologies, copyright means no video.
Thank you all so much for joining us! The spreadsheet will be released soon
Here are the full spreadsheets. Enjoy:
And that wraps it up for this night. Thank you all once again, and see you soon!
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