I am so sick, tired, and perpetually traumatized of seeing Palestinians in the media as dead bodies. On April 21 Noor Barghouti (23) was left by Israeli prison guards on the bathroom floor for half an hour before giving help. He died in a stall of sec.25 of Israel’s Naqab prison.
Israel’s medical negligence led to his death. The occupation created that reality that ensures likely imprisonment in our lifetime. If not us, a family member. They create this reality, criminalize our very breath, and leave us to die in bathroom stalls.
There’s now a pandemic, and knowing Israel’s blatant violations of basic rights, especially to prisoners makes me horrified at the mere thought of how terrifying it must be in their prisons right now.
And on the case of Palestinian detainees being ‘criminals’ within the Israeli narrative can STILL never justify purposefully denying someone medical attention and if anything ensuring their death. #Palestine
On April 21 Noor Barghouti did not simply die. He was killed by Israeli medical negligence, and by exposing him to years of Israeli abuse against Palestinian detainees.
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