In early March, our fantastic Charity Partners, @ALONE_IRELAND, launched their COVID-19 support line, which is available to all older people, including those who have not used ALONE’s services previously.

#COVID19 #COVID19Helpline #Helpline #AloneIreland #YoureNotAlone
Supporting the clinical advice and information being provided by @HSELive, the @ALONE_IRELAND support line is available at:

0818 222 024

from 8am-8pm, seven days a week.

#COVID19 #COVID19Helpline #Helpline #AloneIreland #YoureNotAlone
The @ALONE_IRELAND helpline offers advice and support for COVID-19 & other issues that are coming up for older people at this time, including difficulties in relation to physical and mental health, loneliness, isolation, finance, safety, and housing.

#COVID19 #COVID19Helpline
As well as ongoing telephone support, @ALONE_IRELAND volunteers are also collecting and delivering prescriptions for the older people they support.

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#COVID19 #COVID19Helpline #AloneIreland #YoureNotAlone
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