The basis of #Lockdown logic rests on the following core motives, beliefs:

1. Society must remain locked-down/socially distanced until 'cure' (vaccine) is ready.

2. Now we must rearrange society, culture, life so as to mitigate future risk of 'the disease'....

3. In order to 'save lives' we must all accept orders/regulations of UN/WHO & Central Govts. Everyone must 'be on board' w/new rule set, or we're all at risk of more pandemics.

4. To 'save lives', ALL citizens must give up freedoms, liberties for good of the global collective.
5. 'All life is precious'. You cannot put a price (in economic terms) on human life.

So regardless of your ideological interpretation of 1-5, all of this would've been patently rejected 6 months ago & should also be today. Because 1-5 do not apply NonLockdown countries/state.
Because #Lockdown was an elective POLITICAL choice, not a science-based necessity.

Enough data is in now, and we can easily compare efficacy, success of two policies. It's no content.

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