Since following Thai BL in 2016, I know that the BL fandoms have different cultures. There is possessiveness esp when BL couples in popular BL series exhibit intense chemistry and the BL fans would have the assumption that this couple might be in a relationship...
Or there is a potential that the could end up real. That's why I never follow BL actors. Even if I admire MaxT*l but I don't really fall hard on shipping them. I was on the verge of that knowing T*l seems gay/bi after a rumoured relationship with another Thai actor.
But after TWM, my desire in following them died with it.

Despite liking TayNew's characters in Kiss Me Again, I'm not really sold with the rumor of them being more than just bff's despite various fancams trying to prove their relationship. It was awkward asf
And moreso when Dark Blue Kiss was shown. Their chemistry died in that series and it was just plainly acting to get over it. After the series, TN died.
And then TharnType came. I was hesitant at it the first timr I checked their vids on YT. I'm not really into much fanservice but even before the series was aired, I was already binge-watching all their uploads on their YT channel.

Watching the vids, I realized that...
There's something really going on with #MewGulf. They have this couple vibe that I haven't seen even on MaxTul. Actually, I see a bit in MT but it was fleeting. Not strong. But with MewGulf. Damn... It's intense.

And then watching TharnType the series somehow proves a point
That there may be something with them...
Then came the issue with G's ex that I am glad it was cleared by the actor himself.

Following MewGulf is like a rollercoaster ride. The Waanjais always keep track on them. I think it's the first time a BL couple named a fandom
And you know what?

That really proves something because to have a fandom name being given by the BL couples is a sign of longevity. It could be taken as a sign that the actors are in it together for the long haul. So yeah, that's also a sign that they're 'together'.
As in Real.

I think MewGulf proves this in many engagements they've had in events and in social media.

And it's one of the rarest times that I can be a fandom upon knowing of the authenticity of MewGulf like what I've seen in Bangtan.

So yes..
I may not be in Wakanda but I'm in the Waanjai fandom.

For MewGulf, forever!!

Why do I sound like I'm giving a Tedtalk? 😂
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