The 2001 @Eurovision grand final was hosted in the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The UK was represented by Lindsay Dracass, with 'No dream impossible'. I'm particularly fond of the hype guy with the bandana:
The winning effort was from Estonia, a collaborative effort from Tanel Padar🇪🇪, Dave Benton🇦🇼and 2XL, with this catchy effort 'Everybody':
Fun Fact Time:

Eurovision has had some big time intervals acts, think of @Riverdance , but Denmark topped that with everyone's favourite megamix from @aquaofficial who were a little blue with their language.....enjoy!!


2002's Grand Final was hosted in Tallinn, Estonia 🇪🇪

This was the first year influenced by reality shows

The UK were represented by Pop Idol's Jessica Garlick, with 'Come Back', finishing 3rd. The UK hasn't finished higher than this song since:
This was the first year that awe inspiring slogans were introduced....2002's was 'A Modern Fairytale'.

The competition was won by Estonia's neighbour's, Lativa🇱🇻, Marie N singing 'I wanna':

It's not the best.....but the white suit is nice.
Fun fact time:

Latvia were only in the contest as a result of Portugal deciding to sit the competition out.

Rounding out the Baltic nations, Lithuania🇱🇹 had this gloriously cheesy track (finishing 23/24), with staging that looks like @GoldenGrahams

The 2003 ESC Grand Final took place in Riga, Latvia🇱🇻

Ukraine🇺🇦 made their @Eurovision debut.

The UK were represented by Liverpool's finest since the Beatles, Jemini. Their performance of their song earned them a whopping ZERO points!
The slogan for Latvia's competition was 'Magical Rendezvous'.

The winning effort was Turkey's Sertab Erener, with 'Everyway that I can':
Fun fact time:

Russia pulled out all the stops to try for the big W with (definitely not one hit wonders) t.A.T.u's big track ''Ne ver', ne boysia', eventually finishing 3rd.


The ESC Grand Final took place in Istanbul, Turkey🇹🇷, with the theme 'Under the same sky'.

Four @Eurovision debuts this year: 🇦🇱🇦🇩🇧🇾 & the nation of Serbia & Montenegro, who don't have one flag these days.
The UK were represented by Fame Acadamy's own James Fox, finishing 16/24 with 'Hold on to our love':

YouTube quality looks like it improves from here with the official @Eurovision channel 👍
The winning song was from Xenia lookalike, Ukraine's Ruslana with her smash hit 'Wild Horses':
Fun fact time:

2004 saw a semi-final (just one) introduced to qualify for the grand final, replacing the old relegation rules

Fortunately, Bosnia & Herzegovina's Deen made it to the grandest stage of them all with his tremendous effort 'In the disco':

The ESC was hosted in Kyiv🇺🇦 with the inspiring slogan 'Awakening'

Debuts from 🇧🇬🇲🇩

The UK were represented by the Popstars: The Rivals finalist, Javine with 'Touch my fire' - Javine also played Nala in the Lion King on the West End:
The winning song came from Helena Paparizou, representing Greece 🇬🇷 with 'My number one':
Fun fact time:

This was the first @Eurovision to be broadcast in 16:9 ratio!

The hosts boshed out a wonderful rappy magic track with fine staging and costumes.

Greenjolly with 'Razom nas bahato (Разом нас багато)'

The ESC was hosted in Athens🇬🇷

We were all inspired by the contest's slogan 'Feel the rhythm' and Armenia🇦🇲debuted @Eurovision

The UK were represented by @dazsampson, of Bus Stop fame, with 'Teenage Life':
The winning effort was from legendary rock group @LORDIOFFICIAL representing Finland🇫🇮 with the epic 'Hard Rock Hallelujah':
Fun fact time:

The competition's 1000th song was performed by unassuming Lithuanian band LT United and their understated 'We are the winners'

They weren't quite the winners, finishing 6/24

I couldn't let the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest go by without sharing @LasKetchupTW 's 'Bloody Mary', because nostalgia:


The ESC took place in Helsinki, Finland.

The competition's slogan was 'True Fantasy'.

Debuting nations: 🇨🇿🇬🇪🇲🇪🇷🇸

The UK were represented by Scooch and their cheesetastic 'Flying the flag (for you)':
The winning effort came from sort of (but not really) debuting nation Serbia, represented by Marija Šerifović's with 'Molitva (Молитва)'.

This was the first winning effort since 1998's Diva, where no lyrics in the song were English.
Fun Fact Time:

There is an award each year for the worst dressed entrant (apparently it's humourous, but some take it rather seriously)

Running since 1997, the Barbara Dex Award adds to the festivities

The 2007 award went to the iconic Verka Serduchka

The ESC took took place in Belgrade, Sebia with the theme 'Confluence of sound'

Debuts from 🇦🇿🇸🇲

The UK's entrant was X-Factor runner-up, Andy Abraham with 'Even if' finishing 25/25, Terry Wogan to decide finish commentating for the BBC
The winning effort came from Russia's @BilanOfficial, with his second attempt at the contest (after having finished second in 2006 to Lordi), with 'Believe' (not the Cher one):
Fun Fact Time:

With more nations wanting to participate each year, a second semi-final was introduced, with 10 nations from each qualifying for the grand final.

@Eurovision's most successful nation, Ireland, brought their 'A' game!

Latvia threw in some Piratey wonderfulness with Pirates of the sea's track 'Wolves of the sea':


The ESC was hosted in Moscow, Russia. The event was inspiring enough to not need an inspirational slogan.

@OfficialALW entered a song to try and revive the UK's fortunes. @JadeEwen singing 'It's my time'.....but it wasn't, she finished 5th
The winning effort was a landslide from @AlexanderRybak with 'Fairytale'.

He performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert that year as well!

The 2009 winner of the Barbara Dex Award, for worst dressed was Zoli Ádok with 'Dance with Me', the colours and choreography are amazing. I don't know how it was knocked out in semi-final 2, finishing 15/19:


The ESC was hosted in Oslo, Norway

The inspiration themes returned with 'Share the moment'

@PeteWatermanOBE gave it a crack for the UK, with @joshjamesworld's 'That sounds good to me'

Not sounding good to Europe though, UK finishing 25/25:
The winning song came from future 'The Voice Kids, Germany' coach, @Lenas_view and her catchy number 'Satellite'
Fun fact time:

2010 @Eurovision fell on the same day as my stag do

A drinking game was involved, a shot of strawberry cream liqueur for every 'thrusting motion' on the stage

I don't remember the end of the competition thanks to some acts:


The ESC was hosted in Düsseldorf, Germany
The themes was 'Feel your heart beat'

The UK were represented by reunited boy band @officialblue with my favourite UK entry 'I CAN'

Sadly, they couldn't finishing 11/25:
The winning effort came from Azerbaijan🇦🇿duo Ell & Nikki, with their song 'Running scared'

This was only Azerbaijan's fourth @Eurovision & it was the first male/female duo act to win since '63 when Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann won for Denmark with 'Dansevise'
Fun Fact Time:

Italy🇮🇹 returned to the competition for the first time in 14 years, to 'upgrade' the big 4 to the big 5!

Their song by Raphael Gualazzi was quite good, but you don't want to see that

Here's @planetjedward with a typical car crash effort:

2011 was full of some of my favourite tracks, including @NadineBeilerESC, @witloofbay, @ericsaademusic.

But you want more #Eurovision madness, and that comes in the shape of @zdobsizdub's 'So lucky'


The ESC was hosted in Baku, Azerbaijan with the inspiring them 'Light your fire'

The UK decided that Blue were too out of touch with what Europe wanted. So, they went with contemporary crooner Engelbert Humperdinck with 'Love will set you free'
The winning song was an absolute banger from Sweden's @LOREEN_TALHAOUI with 'Euphoria'

The UK general public briefly forgot its disdain for Eurovision as this track actually charting at number 3!
Fun Fact Time:

@planetjedward failed to win for a 2nd consecutive year representing🇮🇪. They even failed to win the Barbara Dex Award, taking second place to Albania

Russia entered a girl group Buranovskiye Babushki and their track 'Party for everybody'

2012 was the year that Europe was introduced to one @DonnyMontell representing Lithuania.

He would return a few years later with even more of a banger. But, check out the cool choreography with the mask!


The ESC was hosted in its spiritual home Malmö, Sweden.

The inspiring theme was so on trend with a hashtag ' #JoinUs'

The UK were represented once again with a veteran star Bonnie Tyler with 'Believe in me' finishing 19/26
The winning effort was by Denmark's @emmeliedeforest with 'Only teardrops'

This song was the massive favourite going into the competition and was also top of the OGAE (Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l'Eurovision) fan club!
Fun fact time:

This was the first time since 1985 that no former Yugoslav republics participated in the final.

Greece brought the party atmosphere with 'Alcohol is free' by Koza Mostra feat. Agathon Iakovidis:

Germany brought their big guns in the shape of @cascada_music to try and bring the competition back.

Their entrant was tainted by allegations of plagiarism of the previous year's winner 'Euphoria' - they were however dismissed.

The ESC was hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark with the theme ' #JoinUs'

The UK were represented by @mollysd and her song 'Children of the universe':
The winning effort, a runaway success on the night, was not even in the top 3 in the OGAE fan club voting, with 🇸🇪🇭🇺🇮🇱 all placing higher.

But that doesn't matter @ConchitaWurst smashed it on the night, with 'Rise like a phoenix':
Fun fact time:

It was the first time in @Eurovision history that France finished in last place, but it was a banger by @TwinTwinOhYeah.

I think Europe was wrong, what do you think?

There were a lot of 'good' tracks in 2014

I've plucked for second timers Ovi and Paula Seling with 'Miracle'

Check out the pointless circular piano that's used for a only a couple of seconds:

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