THAT'S why America is obese!
That food pyramid! If I ate what they told me to on that stupid triangle, I'd be the size of a house. Everyone's diet/metabolism is individual unto themselves. Meats and dairy make me sick.
Basic chemistry and science. Calories in, calories out.
And grains make me so sore from gas! No.
It's what's right for YOU!
I think a lot what we have been told is a lie to make us very much unhealthier and less in tune with our function and functions.
I eat oils and butter and chocolate and lose weight.
I use a LOT of salt!
Did you know salt in very important for your electrolytes?
I got to thinking about "the truth is right in front of you" as far as the hollyweird is concerned.
God love my mother! May her soul rest in the peace it deserves! She loved Star Trek! There wasn't a book she didn't read or an episode she didn't watch! In particular I remember the episode about the Salt Monster.
Now, ironically, I found that this episode is titled, "The Man Trap"
Chrissy Teigen came to mind, immediately!
I was going to be all on a soap box about how they could have been trying to tell us that salt is bad good for you, when maybe, just maybe...
They were telling us how (they) operate.
Deceiving? Sucking the life essence out of those who oppose?
This thread sure didn't end up where it started!
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