redvelvet sims: a thread !
Probably the least accurate.
Will change later, tweak her faceshape and porpotions
First i was really frustrated with this one, turns out it could look way worse than this ( ahem joy)
I think she looks fairly accurate
Still not really like the sim, glad with the hair because that really makes it look like her kslfdskf
The eyes are a s t r u g g l e but i can live with them this way :D
Yeah.... It's really hard to recreate redvelvets unique visuals into sims and yeri is the proof of that fact. i tried. will change her later maybe? might not, kinda happy with the hair because that is just like seulgi's case the only accurate thing
When i tell you that i miss her so much... i'm not sure if this sim looks anywhere near her. kinda hate this sim. but i love wendy so :D
End of thread! Feel free to give criticism and ideas to improve the way they look.
Ps. Overall i think i did the bes with Irene and Seulgi. The other three look nothing like them but it's fine.
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