Okay, I've been getting so discouraged with how people (including myself) have been misinterpreting Trump's "disinfectant" remarks that I finally had to find the entire briefing transcript, extract the pertinent remarks, and color-code them.

Transcript: https://www.rev.com/blog/transcripts/donald-trump-coronavirus-press-conference-transcript-april-23
Each color marks a different subject:

GREEN: UV Light.
RED: Chemical disinfectants.
PURPLE: UV Light kills the virus in "one minute" (not exact).
BLUE: Chem disinfectants kill the virus in "one minute" (not exact).
GRAY: Injections & cleaning.
ORANGE: Bleach & isopropyl alcohol.
Bottom line: Bill Bryan, who spoke prior to Trump, talked about how both UV light & chemical disinfectants can kill the virus w/in a couple minutes. Trump then inquired if it were possible to take either agent inside the body in some doctor-assisted medical way to work its magic.
If your position is that Trump told people to drink chemical disinfectants, you're wrong. If your position is that Trump was never talking about chemical disinfectants, only UV Light, you're wrong. If your position is that Trump asked stupid questions, that's a matter of opinion.
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