one of the things i dislike about my gamedev threads going semi-viral: i'm probably not using all the words "correctly" or as precisely as i need to be using them. i don't plan for my threads to become popular, i'm just tweeting thoughts as i have them
having folks enter my mentions looking for a way to disprove me is like... not really going to encourage more queer developers of color to speak up about their own design experiences, you know?
i think what makes me frustrated is that the root of most narrative design problems are actually about funding, or pipelines, or industry culture. none of which i have any control over! i'm just some individual who makes web browser games!
from the amount of RT/likes, i'm seeing that a LOT of people agree with my opinions. yet i'm the loudest person in the room voicing them. why is that?

it's probably because of the backlash that i've been getting over the past two days for simply stating my observations
i think the most damming thing is, i have seen way more clueless design observations than mine. we've all seen the spicy "it takes 1 month to add multiplayer" take.

yet i'm the person who has been pressured to apologize and over-explain my opinions
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