[1/5] Over the past few years, the global accelerator/incubator landscape is growing and changing at a rapid pace.

We noticed big differences in how the programs are lead and services provided along with that.
[2/5] We believe that startup supporting programs are crucial for the startup ecosystem and the investment industry.

Therefore, we are looking into designing a common platform for accelerators/incubators to share good practices, improve, and co-create together.
[3/5] If you have any kind of experience, knowledge, or insights with accelerators/incubator services (running the program, startup founder, mentor, angel investor/VC, corporate, ...) please help us answer this 3-5 min short survey.
[4/5] You can help me spread the word by
- sharing the link to relevant communities and the rest of the startup ecosystem
- tag relevant ecosystem individuals or organization in the comments section
- or simply showing the support by liking/RT this thread.
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