Thread. Posted this on Facebook yesterday but worth posting here as well. Have known this intellectually for A while but has only just hit home emotionally. For blind people, even when restrictions lift, until social distancing goes away, this is going to be really tough for us.
Good example is the new way of queueing to metres apart. Makes it extremely difficult to work out where the back of the queue is. Unlikely to get assistance in a lot of places either. Don’t think many are thinking about this barring some exceptions.
The more concerning thing are the increasing numbers of reports of a tiny minority of idiots physically attacking blind people or their guide dogs because people seem to think we are some kind of super spreader of the virus. Can’t Stress enough, is a tiny minority, but still.
Not really a whole lot that can be done about it unless somebody manages to find some kind of workaround so not a moan as such, just an observation. But please, think about this when lockdown restrictions are lifted. That does not mean they are lifted for all of us.
Until we get a vaccine or a very good treatment for this virus, there are likely to be pockets of society who are going to be in voluntary shut-ins whilst everybody else is able to go out and about. The elderly, disabled, and not always the most vulnerable.
A personal message. A massive thank you to @Rabbeka1412. Not normally one for the mushy posts, but she has been my rock through this and will no doubt continue to be that as the crisis goes on. Don’t know what I’d do without her and I’m extremely lucky to have her.
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