Now, I know that it’s universally known that books are always better than the tv shows or movies that come from them but the Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare are on another level of superior to the tv show and movie
The books started out as a trilogy and now there are 4 series’ set within this world, short stories and even more planned for release. I’ve been reading this collection of stories since I was 16..that’s 10 years, absolutely wild.
Don’t get me wrong the TV show and movie are okay. If you haven’t read the books you’ll probably love them.
BUT I cannot stress enough how DIFFERENT they are in comparison to the stories in the books, they start off fairly similar but too much was changed and it was needlessly done.
I’m very passionate about The Shadowhunter Chronicles if you cannot tell. I will stop myself now BUT go read the books if you actually want to immerse yourself in the world because the show does a very iffy job of it.
The books are better, end of discussion.
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