Dear Wokes, Plasma Therapy doesn’t need more blood than a standard blood donation. The body makes up for the lost blood. It isn’t like donating a Kidney. Indians have been donating body parts for ages, except those who think religion prohibits them. #Propaganda
You may think it innocent, but it is not. It is to fool uneducated masses, particularly on other side who starts believing that the majority of India should forever be indebted to them. A Wikipedia page will come on Role of Muslims in Fighting #Corona in India
And much like Freedom struggle, where only mass scale Muslim involvement was during Khilafat, as League supported the British and more than 80% Muslims supported the League. Such propaganda will entitle people to ask later- What was RSS doing, what did Hindus do?
Such propagandists don’t allow Hindus and Muslims to come together as Equal people and One people. They act as if Muslims are a different Mass. Another day a Muslim friend in College WA shared a post of some fabricator who made a frame for disinfectant spray. No rocket science
But he posted with headline - This is what a Muslim has given to Hindustan. I immediately retorted- Is he not giving it to his own country? And it is for God’s sake a Furnished frame with sprays, no great science. Thought is to be honoured as Indian not as a Muslim
Such people made Ashfaq’s supreme sacrifice equal to some Muslim who made a slogan. Did Ashfaq not lament that no Muslim came forward to lay down the life for the cause of Independence before him. Even after him it remained rare. Maulana Azad joined Congress on Caliphate
Come on, you can do better. You can be a friend and equal partner instead of swinging between a Mughal or a Victim. Be an equal Indian. Then you will cease to be a vote bank for parties which recklessly display religion in their name itself like #AIMIM or #IUML
If you allow #IUML and #AIMIM to operate as Muslim party, forget @BJP4India some day a party All India Hindu League or All Indian Sanatan Sangh will come and you will have no face to stop it. It is only self imposed embarrassment which stops #Hindus as an elder.
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