[Di ko lam ano to. 11:30 am tots?]
My purpose in writing stuff is not to be a well-known writer. I don't want them to just appreciate my style of writing nor want them to see my stories as something having a common genre everybody would just love to read. I don't even bother..
..having only ten readers, for now. I hate it when people believe that writing should be creative in a way that we fully forget the importance of its content. We try so hard to make it so flowery, thus, looking so decorative in the eyes of many,
which, for me, is a bit stupid. You can't call yourself a writer if you write just for the purpose of writing. You can't call yourself a writer if you're more into the style than the content. You can't call..
..yourself a writer if you can't explain your thoughts in a much simpler way. A writer inspires. A writer don't follow a specific set of standards. A writer frustrates themselves as well as its readers. A writer doesn't just write. A writer leaves clues.
A writer is a poet. A writer knows. A writer also reads. A writer hears. A writer speaks. A writer sees. A writer simply is.
Ha? Hakdog.
This thread explains its content in the simplest way possible, just to prove a point HA HA HA HA.
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