Me reading all these tweets about how #karlmalone was the worst and not understanding why because I was too young to know the whole story, then reading this: ok, I get it. damn. #TheLastDance
"During his time in college, #KarlMalone would father a child with a neighbor girl in his hometown. A thirteen-year-old girl. This is obviously statutory rape and most people would go to jail for it, but Malone managed to get off without any sort of criminal punishment."
"Malone denied his paternity...they were forced to take him to court, requesting that he pay $200 per week...the judge ruled that he was indeed the father and ordered he pay $125 per week to the family plus medical expenses... Malone claimed that was too much money."
"His son, Demetress Bell, played football at Northwestern State University before getting drafted in the 7th round of the NFL draft... #KarlMalone has never spoken publically about his son, but they did meet and he told Bell that it was too late for them to have a relationship."
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