On 11/3/20, we must hold Republicans accountable. They empowered a man who has repeatedly lied, cheated, sexually assaulted women, demonized every type of minority in the country, threatened to jail political opponents and to shut down the free press - all before he was elected.
Since he was elected, Trump has done nothing but lead us on a path towards civil war, trade war, and world war. He has alienated Americans from each other, and alienated America from our allies in the world. He has broken the law and caused a #Genocide of his own people.
Trump set a terrible example for our children. The Republicans chose to demonize Democrats for fighting to protect our Constitution, a free Democracy, a free press, health care coverage that Trump is still trying to take away in a public health crisis, equality & Justice for all.
The Republicans chose to not just ignore, but even worse, to bury evidence of Trump's criminal & unethical conduct. They did so to protect their own power & interests. Win now, think of the consequences later, was now clearly the guiding Republican principle.
The time for consequences is NOW. Democrats must unite behind @JoeBiden for president & stand with every Democrat for Congress. Then we must bring people together to govern effectively. But we can't do this unless we first stay together as a party. Please #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica.
Voters must decide now whether to stand with Trump or stand with America. Voters must decide now whether to stand for health care, climate change, international alliances, & a rule of law. Voters must decide now if they are for Democracy or against it. #Biden2020 to save America!
Voters must decide now if they want Putin running America. Voters must decide now if they want civil war, trade war, world war, & #TrumpGenocide. If not, vote for #Biden2020 & against all Republicans who enabled Trump. If you read this thread, please add your thoughts to it!
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