Wow, I didn't know... Freemasonry refers to Nimrod as the "first Great Mason" in honor of his attempt to build a "New World Government".

One society
One language
One religion

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Under Nimrod, his followers openly defied God, and even swore to take vengeance upon Him for the injustice of the Flood upon their forefathers... The Tower of Babel was meant to open a portal an allow them to ascend to Heaven and seek this retribution (plan came from the fallen)
Once God intervened and broke them all up, scattering their language, and Nimrod was publicly executed for his crimes, his remaining followers dared not ever worship their evil religion openly again...

Thus was born the mysteries, and hidden secret religion that has festered...
Behind the scenes of every kingdom and age ever since, even to this present day. The inheritors of this secret religion are literally the "bloodline families" that still exist today.

These people believe in the return of Nimrod, and that he will finish his work.
The freaky people who think it's a good idea to follow these secret things, and work for the return of Nimrod, have this as their "holiday calendar".
Great, today starts their "Grand Climax" week.
The secret of fellowship with devils has been right in front of us, in scripture, this whole time. The reason the elite do it... it is the evil one's sacrament, in mockery of Christ.

Give sacrifice to idols, and then eat of that which was sacrificed... to have fellowship with...
...fellowship with devils.

Which is exactly how the fallen gave Nimrod and others forbidden knowledge in ancient times, and ever since.

So the elite freaks like Hillary, don't just have peculiar culinary interests... they seek knowledge & favor from their devils.
"These people are sick"
"It's gonna be biblical"
"Put on the armor of God"
"These people are pure evil.
You are ready."
Now you know exactly what order of society commissioned the Georgia Guidestones

One society
One language
One religion

Sound familiar?
Foster Bailey, in his book The Spirit of Masonry, says "we have perpetuated and INCREASINGLY ACTIVATED the essential principals of the ancient Mystery Schools which have existed from the very earliest times."
Freemason Albert Churchwood writes in his book about the connection between Masonry and the religion of Babylon: "But the secrets these operative Masons had were received from the Chaldean Magicians".

And they agree to something called the Oath of Nimrod.
Taking all things in context... I view these people as an "evil franchise"... I do not think Masonry is the only secret society that has some of the ancient forbidden knowledge. I'm betting there are high levels of the occult, with even more secret reproductions of ancient crap.
For the record... I think there are many good people in the lower levels of Masonry, who don't know, or don't believe these "rumors and mysteries" because they are only shared with the highest levels of members that have proven themselves loyal to the evil behind it.
Again, just to clarify, there is "supposedly" a secret layer of people at the very top who know things that nobody else in Masonry knows... so that lower Masonry can go about doing good just like the Catholic Church, and other groups.
I can't prove this and am not trying to... this is what's often rumored, and would explain why there are good people in the common ranks doing good things.

The Illuminati is also a real thing, but "supposedly" much higher in the bigger global order of secret societies.
If I got any of that wrong, please let me know and I'll be happy to correct the thread.

Let's remember the REAL enemy are those who know the ancient cannibal rites, and practice them... [knowingly] seeking fellowship with devils.
Before adding any more to this... I just want to thank Heavenly Father for His patience and love for us. He sent his Son to overcome ALL THINGS. All of this evil will be done away in His wisdom and timing.

I believe we are blessed to witness very special times.
Let's zoom up a level, because this isn't really about Freemasonry...

This is about occult people trying to discover the rites of Nimrod so they can be practiced again and either finish his work, or bring him back to do it himself.

That's the level of evil that exists.
I think Masonry is JV league... trying to rediscover what it might not even fully understand. Lucifer is a really good liar.
I'm much more concerned with the people who already know the things Masonry is trying to "reconstruct".

Hillary > Soros > [P]
The core bloodline families aren't stumbling in the dark, trying to figure out what to do. They know, and have spent many years trying to make it happen.
And the author of it all is referred to in scripture by many titles, one of them the King of Tyre. Satan himself may have been the greatest of the angels, until pride and jealousy was found in him. My own studies lead me to believe he lusted after the power of creation.
Because he could not create, and sought to elevate himself to become equal to God, he was cast out, and has labored ever since to corrupt, subvert, and profane.

His servant Moloch is a great example, requiring the sacrifice of children.
The rituals took similar but varied forms through the ages. Examples:
Aleister Crowley went far beyond what he learned starting out in Masonry.
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Bonus thought... anciently God sent Cyrus to stop the practice of child sacrifice in Israel, which allowed him to be merciful and give them yet another chance to repent... otherwise the evil was so great he would have destroyed Israel sooner.

Trump is our Cyrus.
Same mission.
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