01.Thread: Santa Claus of the United States @bigredwavenow is the #RealDeal
Is Santa Real? Here is the list of SantaProofs that proves that Santa, Trump and Q are connected. Let’s dive in.
To view the proofs visit 🎅's page or at @ProofQRST
02. As Q has often said “how many coincidences until mathematically impossible.” Take a look at the many times Santa @bigredwavenow posted something, and then Q followed suit or Q posted something that pointed to Santa.
03. #ReStart
11/19/19 Santa posted GIF of #ReStart
11/25/19 Q posted a picture with #ReStart

04. Even Hannity said it:🎅 is REAL
Trump said tune in to Hannity‘s show for a Big interview. Last minute shuffle, interview was canceled & instead Hannity did a segment on 🎅 is real.
Q’s counter to deep state
05. Karate Kid
Q posted a link to a Karate Kid video clip in #Q3331. The YouTube account only had 1 other video--a Christmas video published in 2006. Looks like Q was pointing to Santa.

06. Merry Qmas

Q included a picture of a sign "MerryQmas." Another indirect reference to Santa.
https://qalerts.app/?n=3675  https://twitter.com/KikiTBird/status/1206303812073512965?s=20
07. Not telling anyone what to think or who to follow. Read & #ThinkForYourself

To start, I am a Trump/Santa/Q follower. After I learned about Q I wanted the truth & became more active on Twitter, following all big Qanon accounts including 🎅 @bigredwavenow
08. At the beginning, I believed what everyone said—that Flynn was a hero & I added 3 stars to my profile. Because of his videos & punisher branding, I also thought Joe M (aka MrCoFFee) was the “face” of the Q movement. My first red-pill video.
09. I also thought all accounts with large followings were legit. Why else would everyone follow them? Large following must = Credibility….Right?
I soon realized I hadn't yet grown out of my training wheels.
#GroupThink #sheeple
10. Everything was hunky-dory until Santa started spotlighting some accounts as shills & grifters & then the big accounts turned on him. Then confusion entered—who was right?—Santa or these other accounts? Both couldn’t be right. https://twitter.com/KikiTBird/status/1103489136479092739?s=20
11. I experienced lots of cognitive dissonance—also confused as I had thought Santa & Joe M were the same person. With all the large accounts turning on 🎅, which would I choose? I put on my thinking cap & decided to watch the accounts https://twitter.com/kikitbird/status/1077371547436892166?s=12
12. Over time patterns emerged—big accounts referring their followers to each other & to their YouTube channels/sites, other platforms away from Trump on Twitter, w/ many Patreon/PayPal/GoFundMe accounts & pushing the Flynn Fund
13. And other large accounts had signed book deals/done interviews w/reporters to take Q mainstream or used to work for Facebook to mine data or were openly mining data from users for gambling. https://twitter.com/bigredwavenow/status/1117710815551819781?s=20 https://twitter.com/bigredwavenow/status/1130182661564067841?s=20
14. This didn’t sit well with me and I wondered. #Q said many were rebranding Q, driving to other platforms & profiting off the movement. Everywhere I looked I saw the vigilante punisher symbol. Wasn’t the skull a symbol for the 322 Skull & Bones society?
15. I began to wonder--was the Q movement hijacked by one big money pyramid scheme or echo-chamber? I saw if someone questioned these large accounts, major attacks ensued from their followers. Was #FreeThought allowed? Or was this #DemoCrapPlaybook tactics?
16. In contrast, I saw 🎅 had a YouTube channel of short fun videos. No book deals, no Patreon, no monetization off of Youtube/Twitter and had🎅Merch of ProLife & #PermanentNiceList, similar to Trump's Merch & not profiting off of Q
17. Santa loves Trump, encourages thinking for oneself & provided many proofs of his connections to #PresidentT & Q--retweet TweetTwins, ZERO minute tweet deltas w/ Trump/family accounts & twinning w/ Qdrops & also knew in advance things Trump would say https://twitter.com/ProofQRST/status/1246865389876916225?s=20
18. When many were being led off twitter to Gab, ‘WeGo’ & other platforms, Santa encouraged everyone to stay on Twitter as that is where Trump is.
#Memba Q said “They want you divided.” “United We Are Strong”
19. Q repeatedly said be careful who you follow. Was Q referring to Infowars who were banned from Twitter? Maybe. But Q continued to post these warnings even after Infowars was banished from Twitter, so who was Q talking about?
20. Meet The Band of Digital Soldiers and Flynn Legal Defense Fund pushers.
https://twitter.com/ScotusSpotlight/status/1216402936718381063?s=20 https://twitter.com/KikiTBird/status/1243966861991202819?s=20
21. When I looked across Twitter I saw that Santa was the ONLY large account that was actually questioning this echo-chamber & spotlighting accounts profiting off the movement & helping people to question & think for themselves. https://twitter.com/bigredwavenow/status/1130182661564067841?s=20
22. Now tell me if there is any other account on Twitter who shows genuine love for Trump and can do all these proofs ? Did Joe M ever? Or did Sather? I never saw that from them. Just self-congratulating for getting “Q’d.” https://twitter.com/bigredwavenow/status/1253467771507109889?s=20
23. Santa also tags @SecretService @whitehouse @realdonaldtrump @donaldjtrumpjr quite often. If you were a shill, would you continually tag those accounts, especially the Secret Service? or would it be more strategic to fly under the radar? Think logically.
24. The WHY--Now going deeper, here is WHY I think Santa @bigredwavenow is on Twitter...
25. If you were Trump and #Q and saw your movement for truth being hijacked by shills/bad actors what would you do? Let it happen & do nothing? Or would you set up/authorize an account to be that guide for everyone? Think logically... https://twitter.com/KikiTBird/status/1115561564575342593
26. I know what many will say--but Q said no outside comms. True. But Q also said disinfo is necessary. So which statement is more true?
And for the nitpickers--🎅never said he’s Q, so it still aligns with Q’s statement--“no outside comms” from Q himself https://twitter.com/bigredwavenow/status/1220420991672819714?s=20
27. Wow--Q said we’d need a guide for Flynn & that he knew Flynn would be challenged.

Scroll through 🎅’s past tweets & you will see many posts on Flynn—articles, videos, research—encouraging followers to dig. Is🎅that guide on Flynn Q posted about. https://qalerts.app/?n=1265 
28. Santa = Guide to Navigate Flynn & to Spotlight Shills
How many other big accounts were telling the truth that Flynn was still a democrat, worked as a foreign agent for Turkey & didn’t report on his clearance paperwork & received payments from Russia? Only one account—Santa!
29. Not a single Flynn fund promoter mentioned these facts. Instead it is a chorus chamber of “Flynn is a hero, Donate to his fund!”

Maybe if Flynn’s fund needs more money, they should ask Russia or Turkey--given him plenty of money before. Just sayin’ https://twitter.com/KikiTBird/status/1243966956442726401?s=20
30. The wheat must grow up with the chaff/weeds until harvest time. They’re harvested together & the weeds separated for burning. The same goes with players in the Trump Admin and lead QAnon accounts in the movement. #Wheat vs. #Weeds
31. #Memba this? Trump lets people in close and gives them just enough rope so they can hang themselves. Is Q doing the same when he includes an account in the Qdrops? Is getting “Q’d” really a good thing?--Nope!
32. Trump and Q permit infiltrators to show their colors over time until the infiltrators are caught in their own trap. Why would Trump do this? Because Patriots are in Control and Trump and Q are master 5D chess players.
33. #Memba this #QDrop? Santa bringing the hammer?
Is Santa “Qanon” from the Q drop? Just a ‘Q’uestion.
Happy Hunting!

'QA' > 'QAnon' > Hammer
More to find over time.
Happy Hunting!
34. The million dollar question—Is Santa Q?

Santa says he is not #Q —that he is #S for🎅(=19)
You may wonder then “Who is Santa?” Is he President Trump? Or a Trump family member or close friend?
35. Great Questions. This is what I do know… Santa is the #RealDeal
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