These criminal charges are so used & abused by authorities during this ECQ. As observed, here are the top criminal charges you might encounter inside/outside your house. Note that there are no legal grounds for arresting a person without a mask or not having ECQ pass (thread):
Hence, when you are arrested, this is probably the charges you might be facing:

1. Violation of Article 151 (Resistance to persons in authority or the agents of such person.)
Buying any of your essentials especially food and medicine is not illegal. Always politely assert with reason. The key is to negotiate if you are threatened with arrest. Appeal to their emotions (some are heartless I know). But tell authorities about your urgent needs.
Kung ayaw pa rin, ibigay niyo ang grocery list sa kanila at sila na ang mamili.

2. Violation of RA 11332 Section 9(e) pertaining to the non-cooperation of the person or entities identified as having the notifiable disease or affected by the health event of public concern.
This is a no-brainer. Just think of what Koko Pimentel did. Hindi nakakahawa kapag wala kang ECQ pass. Pero kapag hindi inintindi ang provision na ito at pinagchismisan lang ng mga awtoridad na humuhuli dahil wala silang maikaso, yung katangahan nila ang nakakahawa.
3. Inciting to Sedition

Nag volunteer ka na nga for relief operations ikaw pa nahuli. Kapag nalaman nilang anti-Duterte ka, automatic na ikakaso sa'yo 'to. This is not inciting to sedition. This is exciting to sedition. (As in excited kayo magkaso, mga mam ser?)4
4. Violation of the Cybercrime law.

It's 2020, and our authorities don't know that free speech exists. Nag reklamo lang na walang ayuda, hinanap si kapitan, mayor, president cybercrime na? That's how neanderthals they are. Keep up naman mga mam, ser!
Remember the rule of thumb: No law, no crime. Pag walang ordinansa na nagsasabi na huhulihin ang walang mask o ecq pass, mga chaka, mga hindi nagbabasa, mga hindi naliligo saka lang magiging punishable ang isang act.
Absence of any basis for arrest, always assert your rights. Marami diyang feeling makapangyarihan nakahawak lang ng armas at konting kapangyarihan but they know nothing about respect for human rights. Ayaw natin sa mga abusado. Wag ganyan, mga mam, ser.
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