I put the summer tires back on our X1 which meant that for the first time in almost 8 weeks I had to drive it. I thought I'd take advantage of the cheap gas prices right now and fill it up: $39 for half a tank (about 250 km).
That's more that we've spent to "fuel" our @Tesla Model 3 in the 9,500 km we're had it (including a road trip to San Francisco and back)! But the main point of this thread is to say how, umm, backwards, it felt to drive the X1 after driving the Model 3 exclusively for 8 weeks.
In addition to the instant acceleration (much to the chagrin of some yahoos trying to race me in their BMW 3 series!)and other obvious benefits, I'd forgotten how NOISY ICEVs are, even when idling. What a cacophonous racket! Not to mention the vibration and general clunkiness.
The bottom line is this: once you drive an EV, it's hard to go back to legacy ICEVs. The day when we can sell our X1 and buy a @Tesla Model Y can't come soon enough!
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