A core group of prosecutors behaved so differently in the DOJ @SidneyPowell1 found it absolutely appalling. They were making up crimes and hiding evidence. Despite that they was all Promoted. Weissmann, Mueller... https://sidneypowell.com/media/sidney-powell-on-the-rush-limbaugh-show-with-host-ken-matthews/ @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #ExonerateGenFlynn
This group of prosecutors figured out that they could use the Law to Destroy Peoples Life’s. And they did it by making up Crimes and Hiding Evidence that showed they were Innocent. #ExonerateGenFlynn
The FBI can do whatever it wants. They Interview you and dont always advise you of your rights for example @GenFlynn Ambush Interview in the Whitehouse after McCabe lead him to believe he didnt need Council to keep him unguarded and relaxed even tho OG agents said He Did Not Lie.
Mueller testified in front of Congress vigorously against any suggestion the FBI record their Interviews in any fasion. Alot easier to turn in recorded transcript than a non accurate hand written that gets manipulated like @GenFlynn case they manipulated 302 until McCabe approved
People should be Outraged. No matter who you are they can get you. If they can do it to American Hero @GenFlynn imagine what they can do to other people dont have the resources, community support, unblemished History, social connections or anything else they can do it to Anybody.
Do people understand they brought in @GenFlynn’s Son to threaten the General to plea to something, or they were going after His Son? It was a game of leverage and pressure. Where is Original 302? Van Grack said OG 302 not in his possession and Judge says Oh Well things happen.
. @GenFlynn was completely Set Up and Framed. They Made Up the Case. FISA alleged false statements they forced into his statement of offense are themselves False. And the alleged False statement to the FBI are Not supported by agents notes or the 302 that was materially altered.
Judicial Hero of @SidneyPowell1 book License to Lie Judge Sullivan Denied the Original 302, document they know exists in DOJ dated 1/30/17 that completely exonerate @GenFlynn of All things Russia & evidence of his briefings with the DIA on his foreign contacts. Its Inexplicable.
Most people would be shocked. Even though you have a right to a fair trial 95% result in Guilty pleas and over a 98% conviction rate for the Government. This can happen to anyone and the Fake News Media ends up trying the case. Everyone Deserves Justice.
Sidney wrote License to Lie so that everyone can read it and understand the toll a wrongful conviction takes on everyone involved including prosecutors It has to diminish a persons soul to pursue a wrongful conviction when they know thats what their doing. https://sidneypowell.com/ 
Prosecutors enjoy absolute immunity from any sort of personal responsibility for these wrongful convictions. We need abolition of absolute immunity for prosecutors if they committed intentional deliberate misconduct they need to be punished and a fairness and disclosure act.
. @GenFlynn was exonerated by the FBI with evidence but the prosecution withheld it. They gave Sidney a 3 line summary of the fact there is a document completely exonerate him and refuse to give. Sullivan wouldnt order them to produce it. Obviously there is more in that Document.
General Flynn For The Win.🦅🇺🇸
For God and Country.🙏🏼
Together We All Win.
Thank you @SidneyPowell1
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