1) This is my #Qanon thread for April 26, 2020

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My Theme: Will General Flynn be Exonerated?
2) On December 4th, 2017, after anons expressed concern about the fate of General Flynn, Q assured them he was safe.
3) To "know where the bodies are buried" is an idiom.

General Flynn doesn't literally know the location of buried bodies.

As a former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, he knows about the crimes of corrupt people.
4) General Flynn was attacked because he had evidence that could be used against corrupt people. Therefore, they needed to neutralize him.

The patriots working with President Trump anticipated Flynn would be attacked and developed a role for him outside the White House.
5) Q reminds us, that like a movie, some of the events we are watching have been carefully planned.
6) Q has said for years that FISA is the start of the publicly visible aspect of the DOJ's removal of corruption. Illegal FISA surveillance of Trump's campaign will objectively and factually prove that Obama's intelligence agencies attempted to overthrow an election.
7) On December 16, Q said evidence that would exonerate General Flynn was being used to indict those who illegally spied on him.

Q listed 3 counts that will be found in an indictment against them and listed 6 more counts that are yet to be revealed.
8) I believe (though I am not certain) that the 9 counts listed above will be found in the first unsealed indictment.

(This was posted on December 17th—one day after the message in the previous tweet.)
9) On April 10th, Q posted a placeholder that will track either the names of indicted people or the charges brought against them.

This placeholder is for the category "Non_Civ" which I believe means non-civilian (or military.)
11) Last Thursday, @seanhannity said two big stories were about to break.
There is a hint in his words that the media may be implicated in one or both stories.
14) Exculpatory evidence supports a defendant's innocence.
15) Maria Bartiromo's "source" said General Flynn will be exonerated this week.

The source said it was a "total fraud" and a "set up."

Who does her "source" sound like?
16) Q posted a link to Maria's tweet along with an image of the Old North Church in Boston.

17) Note the filename: _jpg

A single underscore
18) The same filename was used with the image posted on April 18th, the anniversary of Paul Revere's ride.
19) It may not be related, but Q hater Ben Collins of NBC uses the handle @oneunderscore__
20) I interpret the imagery of the start of the Revolutionary War as a sign that the real war for freedom is about to begin.
21) https://twitter.com/rexxurection/status/1254535076097867778
23) The image in Q 's post matches this one of the Old North Church in Boston.

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