the arajade dynamics is having two girls who spend their whole lives (and deaths!) being tossed around by canon and the alpha timeline and also that both repress their pain and act like they're happy all the time
jade was denied agency and spend the largest part of the game sleeping and not being allowed to do anything, aradia had to non stop do things for the aloha timeline so everything could happen properly
floral made comics about this, but i love jade is terrified of sharing her pain with others in fear that they may lose interest in her so she always acts like she is happy and avaliable
aradia never talks about her trauma nor her abuse and acts like she is so happy to hang out has no goals or desires in life and barely fights back when the black hole sucks her
it's interesting how they're from opposite aspects, but have similar roles in the story, but also in opposite ways, where jade is never allowed agency, aradia is required constant action
and opposite themes too of gardening and archaeology, but very similar personalities in the "unhinged girls who are not afraid to die"
basically, i think they should do a little kiss and talk about their repressed feelings
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