Interesting conv with a SENCO last week about some neurodiverse children prefg to be homeschooled and running 'virtual classes'.
1. Children with #ADHD were showing incredible enthusiasm in #learning at their own pace.
2. Children with #Autism were discovering that they 1/2
could spend time in looking at a subj matter in depth and 'specialising' in it (one pupil enthu about #Lyridsmeteorshower and prepd a presentation)
3. Anxious children were focussing on their #learning than their anxiety.
What does that mean for #education in a #COVID society?2/
It actually made me think:
1. We need to re-think education as #learning not simply aggregating facts
2. A #covidsafe society will need the diversity in skills that today's children will have if they #Learn and are not simply #taught
3. Children with ⬆️self-esteem learn more
4. Socialisation doesn't necessarily happen F2F, can happen virtually b4 physically.
5. It should hopefully ⬇️ #COVID transmission if #SocialDistanacing can be maintained whilst children progress through their school years.
6. @Sugatam's work needs 2 be expanded further and wider
For those interested in @Sugatam 's @TEDTalks
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