A key piece of the #Bulls second 3-peat was acquiring Dennis Rodman. We all know that he was, well, different. After his first practice with the Bulls, I waited a while to talk to him. Equipment manager, John Ligmanowski happened to tell Dennis about my sister was a tattooist...
Shortly after that, the lankly, colorful new Bull, sat next to me and gave me a nice long interview. Media discovered shortly, Dennis only spoke after road games.
My station sent me to the road games as the Bulls were approaching the record and beyond.
After they annihilated the Cavs 98-72, for win 69, the media went into the visiting locker room housing the Bulls, one of the weirdest, but funny, encounters happened there. Really loud, profanity laden music was blaring out of a boom box in Rodman's locker.
That is not strange, but here was the strange part,
Dennis Rodman is sitting there with the "Pulp Fiction" Gimp mask (with full head zipper), he scared the crap out of the reporters that had never covered him.
Being unfazed, when I walked up to him to do an interview.
Dennis looked at me and reached up to the music to turn down the volume. He unzipped his mask, how often would anyone say that, and gave me thoughtful answers. After I finished, Rodman upped the volume and zipped up the mask. You can't make this up. #TheLastDance
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