this is a quick thread where i, in the nicest way i can, try to explain something that a lot of people could attack me for, so if you're easily upset about the "reverse racism" and whether or not it's real, please stop reading now.
some people confuse racism with the history of racism and it's really frustrating. history of racism is what was. racism itself is in the present. understand that, just because someone's ancestors didn't go through shit doesn't mean they can't. please.
a lot of people seem to think of racism today as racism of the past. yes, black people were slaves and k*lled and so many bad things happened to them for centuries. but listen to me: we are kind of equal now. black people have a right to exist and voice themselves.
black people mostly have full human rights now. there will always be assholes, no matter what, and i sincerely apologise about the white people who still think like that. i am a fighter for equality, and will become a true fighter when i'm a grown adult, but for now, here's this:
historically speaking, 'reverse racism' will never be the same as true racism. but consistently putting all your fights into the history of racism isn't gonna get you anywhere. look at us. we're equal for the most part. so why is a white person saying "i hate black people"
so much worse than a black person saying "i hate white people"? if you stop talking about history of racism and think of racism in the present world, both sides are a person saying they hate someone different than them. now, i am white, yes. and you might laugh at this thread
because of it. well, okay. i deserve it. i have to say this though. just because one comes from a long history and the other doesn't, it doesn't make any of them less valid in the present. i'm absolutely not saying 'reverse racism' is as bad as the other but in a way, it's real.
white people get hated on and then laughed because 'reverse racism isn't real look at the history'. I KNOW, it isn't severe, and it isn't dangerous or filled with history, but it comes from a similar place that dumb fucking white racists comments come from.
so, non-historically speaking, why is 'reverse racism' not real?
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