The entire spread of the Igbo nation is split by River Niger. To the East is the heartland, which is the SE geopolitical zone, and the Western axis is called Anioma or the western Igbo province. The Igbo variety spoken by the Anioma people is "Enuani".
Linguistically, the Anioma people are Igbo even if geopolitics advise new identity.

The cultural coherence enjoyed by the Igbo-speaking people is at risk of sagging to sociopolitical divisive schemes. The younger Anioma generation mustn't renounce the expansive Igbo coalition.
Anioma, called "The Good Land" bears likings to social, cultural, and religious rites to typical Igbo concepts. For instance, the notion of divinity (chi), ancestry, and dressings are familiar traits of kinship.

I have lots of Anioma friends who don't deny their Igbo identity.
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