America is a very special country. This man was director of the Central Intelligence Agency (2017–2018), and he talks like this. And thinks like this. America cannot fail if it has people like this in charge. The Trump administration is the best America has seen for generations.
All it takes is a few men like this to clean America up and restore it for another 100 years. America, which was headed to total disaster, now has people running it who are _actual Americans_ at heart. Are they perfect? Of course not, but if they think like this your'e safer...
...than you would have been under the unthinkable alternatives. If real Americans can take charge from the top to the bottom, it will become greater than the greatest country ever in the history of the world. It can happen, and you've seen the start of it.
The Wuhan Flu event is the biggest test of America and of Donald Trump. The question is, "Can they overcome fear, embrace facts and let America thrive?" This is true not only of the Wuhan Flu event, but Bitcoin. Can the administration follow the laws set down by the Founders?
If they can, then not only can America totally recover from this sad event, but it can exceed expectations and surprise everyone with a recovery that will be spoken of for generations. DON'T BET AGAINST AMERICA.
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