all y'all just looking up which of redd's stuff is real will never make it in the art world

now if you'll excuse me, me and my refined palate need to figure out which of these paintings of fruit probably has an extra apple
this one is called "perfect painting" so it has to be real, right. he couldn't call it perfect if it were fake, that's illegal
is this even a real barbecue
oh man ash has the mona lisa today but it has closer to the original colors, which is really cool and i hope not what they did to make it fake
i, meanwhile, have four artworks, recognize only one of them, and have absolutely no idea what could be wrong with any of them
ash has two real paintings??? fuck off redd that's even worse
ok i bought Woman Pouring Milk To Make Bread and will find out tomorrow if i've been hoodwinked
me: i want to figure out the fake art myself
everyone on twitter, vibrating with excitement because they already read gamefaqs: hey
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