the 2nd law of thermodynamics states that entropy is always increasing, but maxwell’s demon tries to decrease/tamper with it

below, it shows a low-entropy state, meaning that there is order—eventually the hot and cold reach equilibrium and result in no useful energy left at all
so when these two kinds of particles finally combine into equilibrium, it’s said that they can’t revert back into their original states

... unless there’s a demon

here’s where maxwell’s demon comes in; it’s not entirely harmful bc it can potentially bring back stability
to explain it a little better, maxwell’s demon is an outside entity in a relationship

there’s a catch: whatever the demon adds to either side will always be too much compared to its original state, hence the heat gets hotter and the cold gets colder
let’s go scientific again!

as debunked by a physicist, the demon does use energy to constantly measure each molecule, learning new information, and erasing memories, among other things, thereby increasing entropy

so technically it doesn’t defy the 2nd law but it was thought to!
mydays weren’t far when we thought about equilibrium being the name of the album because its concept is very relevant to maxwell’s demon!!

in fact! jae talks about state of equilibrium in the trailer!
thanks for sticking through this thread of me rambling about what i learned after reading up on maxwell’s demon + thermodynamics 🤓
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