High time people understood how #SidNaaz came into being..

We didn't see two co-stars who were rumoured to be dating and liked reel chemistry to ship them.

We saw two real genuine people who over time.. made us believe that they could be great for each other!
The #SidNaaz fandom never cared about the game.. ask us who were here first..

We only cared about if they were both happy.. if they were both together.. If they supported each other we felt happy!

We spent nights justifying both their actions and intentions.
It feels weird now that the fandom makes everything a competition.. because back when things actually were a game.. none of us cared about playing!

What we wanted then.. has happened now.. but now we are focussed on playing petty games!
Everything is a competition!

Kalla sonha ke views - Fan following on SM - Solos said this.. so we have to say this - They trended so we need to trend!

Relax! The thing we wanted is happening!
We don't need to prove anything to anyone that time itself will prove!
Focus your energies on loving Sana and loving Sid!
Stop being trolls! We give unwarranted attention everywhere.. so people come and poke their noses in our business.

That affects them friends! We are calling out reporters, colleagues, friends

Do we want them to regret doing BB?
Also while you are at it.. Learn to deal with the fact that they are both working professionals.. who in the span of their careers will work with a lot of different people.

If you like the project.. support.. if you don't then skip!

We cant paint everything with #SidNaaz
Why I blast.. is because I feel like you don't value what we are getting!

Maybe you're new.. so you do not know the months of stress that happened here! We are finally in a happy zone. Instead of focussing on that.. you guys want to keep engaging in petty warfare!
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