My Tattoo idea thread
I want to get:
Tattoo- Semicolon
Location- on inner side of left wrist
Meaning- the author chose not to end the sentence and kept it going. Replace author with personal pronouns and sentence with life.
Tattoo- GBD
Location- on outer side of left index
Meaning-Grayson's initials, he changed my life so drastically and is a huge inspiration to me and I won't to have the constant reminder
Tattoo- elephant holding a heart with its tusk
Location- outer side of right ankle
Meaning- elephant was my great grandmothers favorite
Animal so its a constant reminder of her
Tattoo- tree
Location- right side ribish area
Meaning- when my uncle was killed the police department had planted a tree for him at a park next to their department so I wanted to get his tree tattooed on me to have as a reminder
I'll be adding more to this thread as I think of them
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