The Netflix series “The Family” is a good start to understand the underlying fundamentalist & religious extremism behind modern geo-politics. But it only gives an overview of the Dominionist belief system and nominally hints it is a global initiative, not just American.
It’s also written (Sharlet’s book) from an American perspective.

“The Family” does not reveal
the global O&G oligarchy is inherently intertwined in Dominionism. If it did, it would be more apparent how Canada & specifically, Alberta, are key jurisdictions for Dominionists.
As director of the International Democratic Union (IDU), Harper, self avowed Dominionist & religious extremist, is one of the architects. Harper had 10 yrs to radically & fundamentally change laws & policies of Canada to enable his political objectives, four as a majority govt.
Canadians MUST recognize the Dominionist agenda & how every Canadian was, is & will be impacted by it.

Dominionism is the greatest threat to humanity. Not climate change. The reason climate change has become so urgent is due to the Dominionist agenda.
Some Dominionists fervently believe the current era is the globe’s “End Times” & choose to ignore or further exacerbate climate change. They expect to be Raptured upon the second coming. US SOS, Pompeo is one such individual. He’s not the only one with power holding this belief.
Many do NOT believe “the Rapture” is imminent, but believe earth must be prepared for the second coming by converting the entire globe to Dominionism.

These Dominionists want their beliefs to be installed globally before the Rapture, thus seek to create a theocratic global govt.
True architects are less concerned with the second coming & more concerned with global political and social totalitarian control of humanity.

Trump is merely a foot soldier, sold to believers as a divinely chosen Cyrus figure to lead transformation of god’s “Kingdom on Earth.”
What Dominionists envision is a global patriarchal hierarchical governance system dominated by white men ruling in god’s name, until the second coming. Regional control by leaders of other cultures is shared, but ultimately power resides with the white elite. The architects.
Ultimately, Dominionists want ALL power ceded to them, ALL people controlled by Dominionist dogma, and ALL global resources under their control, to be carefully doled out to those who support and promote the Dominionist agenda.
If that means many die from no access to necessities, like fresh water, food & natural resources, they don’t have a problem with that. It’s rationalized as god’s will. Divine punishment for not adopting complete obedience to the Dominionist agenda, beliefs & values.
Dominionists promote the belief that illness & prosperity are tools god uses to punish or reward loyal & obedient faithful taught as the prosperity gospel.

It’s called Paleolibertarianism. Neoliberalism, Neofeudalism or neofascism. Anarcho-capitalism, Austrian economics.
That’s who is at the helm of Alberta UCP party and the CPC party in Canada.

The belief system is a reflection of 18th-19th century social & political norms and the absolute control over life and death the elite had upon vast areas of the globe.
It’s also known as Ordered Liberty. Kenney uses the term Ordered Liberty. Freedom to act within a strictly enforced social, race and class based system.

Harper referred to it as Burkean. Based on the opinions and writings of 18th Century Edward Burke.
Closely resembling neofeudalism, paleolibertarianism is the Dominionist agenda. This has been the plan for at least 40 years. Operating by stealth through faith based institutions, multinational corporations, and far right “conservative” political parties across the globe.
The evidence is all there out in the open. I’ve researched it myself. But the established taboo of challenging the faith and belief system of a “religious” community has protected most from scrutiny.

To address this issue, one must eradicate the taboo.
Dominionism isn’t a religious belief system. It’s a global cult that uses thought control & manipulative strategies to keep loyal followers from interacting with the rest of the globe’s population. A closed society. Xi, Putin & MbS maintain this form of totalitarian control.
All three, incidentally, are fully supportive adherents to the Dominionist agenda.

Dominionism isn’t about Christianity. It’s about power, wealth and totalitarian control.

It’s why trying to interact with a Dominionist supporter is impossible, frustrating and futile.
The perspective of Dominionist followers is constantly reinforced with disinformation, gaslighting, lies, smears and thought terminating cliches.

Cult members are continuously reinforced to reject any challenge to their belief system. Outsiders are “agents of Satan.”
All belief systems other than Dominionism are invalid and products of Satan’s influence.

That’s why liberalism, socialism and communism are all lumped together as evil and corrupt.

There is minimal opportunity to interact normally. All dissent is considered evil.
Social Media, MSM and an assortment of Coded Language communications are used to blunt any attempt to open the eyes of Dominionist followers by exposing them to truth.

A series of conspiracy theories are used to explain variances from the Dominionist ideology.
It’s quite remarkable how widespread this cult has become. It’s global. Billions of people support the Dominionist agenda.

A frightening realization, to be sure.

If you want to fight UCP and CPC craziness, arm yourself with information about who and what they stand for.
Or you can keep calling them idiots and stupid. Reinforcing the cult narrative that anything and anybody left of the far right is evil and abusive.

Stop providing the koolaid to those who are swimming in it.

Progressives need a strategy. Attack the message, not the messenger.
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