It makes me uncomfortable that in popular media there's a major focus on genetics and how being exceptional is tied to a genetic destiny.
Plot hooks are so often based on who the protagonist's parents are, and if not the importance of the individuals, then on their bloodline. His mother was an angel and his father was a devil so he is the BREAKER OF MORALITY or some such.
Even in progressive media, where there's been a major focus on the power of collaboration and valued teamwork, there still must be a central figure who the world revolves around. And not just central to our focus, but to the movement and success of all other characters.
I noticed the similarity between this and how the US treats politics.

There's a huge focus on a savior figure as the only possible way for action to be taken or for change to happen, because the actions of any other are meaningless without the central figure's catalyst.
I'd enjoy stories where someone's greatness isn't attributed to their bloodline or gifts granted to them because they're the chosen. I would like stories where people succeed because they collaborate to find whatever terms of victory or success. They're rare, but they exist.
When done properly, like ATLA, having someone who is granted a powerful gift as the centerpiece doesn't detract from the overall theme of collaboration and unified strength.

More of this please.
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