THREAD: One of the trademarks of #climatechange is extreme weather. That doesn't necessarily mean more (or stronger) hurricanes, floods, droughts, fires - it can mean temperature extremes. #Boston record more 65+ days in January than April. @NBC10Boston @NECN 1/
You may argue that's weather not climate, but I did some additional number crunching over the last 5 years. The majority of our below average months have been during the Spring. 2/
I looked at 61 months of data. Only 15! were below average (less than one quarter). Many of the 3/4 months that were above average were SIGNIFICANTLY above average, vs. many of the colder than average were only below normal by a few tenths of a degree. 3/
This April (which may change considering it could warm up into the 60s the last couple days of the month), is the most below average month since April 2018 (2.4 degrees below average). Two years and not that much of a significant departure. 4/
The above average months were SIGNIFICANTLY above average:
DEC 2015: +10.6
JAN 2020: +9.1
OCT 2017: +7.4
Let's compare that with the months that were "most" below average:
NOV 2017: -4.2
APR 2018: -2.8
APR 2020: -2.4 (SO FAR)
If you look at the average of the above average months vs. below average...
Above Average months: +3.5
Below Average months: -1.6
The trends are as clear as day and it's something we should all be concerned about. #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateTwitter
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