This morning I fell into a rabbit hole of The Trail from Call Her Daddy. I believe Alex and Sofia are wanting to leave Barstool because of the toxic management but they aren’t able to because of their contract with them. #FREETHEFATHERS #CallHerDaddy A THREAD
Call Her Daddy is a sex podcast hosted by @alexandracooper and @sofiafranklyn. It is owned by @barstoolsports but not sure how their contract is entailed. Could be pretty strict if these clues are right..
Alex and Sofia started naming their most recent episodes with interesting titles. Usually the title has to do with each episode’s content but most recently, they have nothing to do with each other.
“The Trail” was first mentioned in Episode 71: “Floop’s Fooglies”. Floop’s Fooglies is a TV show in the movie Spy Kids. It is really about ppl being held hostage and turned into goofy characters for the show. The theme song played backwards is “Floop is a mad man come save us”.
Episode 72 is titled “Prisoners of Azkaban”. It’s pretty obvious this title was chosen on purpose. There was no mention of the Harry Potter movie in the episode. Call Her Daddy confirmed the title has a deeper meaning on an Instagram comment.
Episode 73 is titled: “SUPLEH”. Which is HELPUS spelled backwards. Seems like they are keeping with the backward trend as previously found in Floop’s Fooglies.
Episode 74 is titled “It’s Over”. Episode 75 is “We Had Fun” and 76 is “Sorry for the Shit Show”. No descriptions in these episodes. And the trail is still mentioned here and there.
Episode 77 was a re-release and this is when they start having their normal episode titles that ACTUALLY have to deal with the content they are talking about. Episode 78, Alex and Sofia talk about the trail as “just the beginning” and “there will be a finale”.
Episode 79 is when it starts to get real. The description on this episode is “It’s all about to change...” and in the middle of the episode, Alex and Sofia start talking about the trail and it seems pretty serious—I’ve never seen them so serious and scared to talk about something
They say: “There is a lot going on behind the scenes that we have not been able to talk about because we are not allowed to divulge certain things right now on this show... but with all sincerity all we can say is things are about to change”.
Episode 80 has a cryptic description as well, “Kesha... The End”. Alex and Sofia also start the episode off by playing Praying by Kesha and all they say is “we’ll let you guys interpret that however you want”. As everyone knows Kesha was and still is in a horrible contract...
...dispute with Dr. Luke. She can not get out of it. She is not able to release music she wants to release. It’s toxic and terrible. #FreeKesha. But it makes sense why they are using Kesha because Alex and Sofia are going through some of the same contract disputes with Barstool.
At the end of that episode, all they said about the trail was “tune in next week”. And next week there was no episode released. Alex and Sofia posted to the Call Her Daddy Instagram this:
And the week after that: still no new episode. So they posted this with the caption #FREETHEFATHERS
The Call Her Daddy merch was all on sale a week ago. If they got fired or are leaving Barstool then it makes sense why Barstool wants to get rid of the Call Her Daddy inventory.
I keep getting ads for their merch on IG. This merch isn’t new. This is a way for them to get rid of their inventory.
With no new episodes coming and everyone stuck in quarantine, the daddy gang have been looking for more clues and here’s what we have found:
The Call Her Daddy twitter banner is oddly cropped to “Resented by Barstool” instead of Presented. This could be a mistake but I think it was definitely placed intentionally @callherdaddy
Some people think “The Trail” is actually supposed to be “The TRIAL” meaning someone is suing someone. Could be true but more and more I think about it, it makes sense.
Alex and Sofia were on Logan Paul’s podcast “Impaulsive” recently. They talked about barstool and contracts. Logan had asked them if they were in a contract with Barstool and Alex quickly replied “let’s not talk contracts”
As I’m putting together this thread Alex and Sofia posted on IG this:
They have Free The Fathers merch at  This is a way for them to make money because they have probably left Barstool.
There is no barstool logo on this merch and it’s being sold from a non-barstool website.
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