Thread: I am often asked "what one arrest/indictment would change the Country the most?" I am now prepared to answer that question. My answer may surprise you: John Podesta. Why Podesta?
Consider what the implications might be from this
If, as some have speculated, this is a reference to Seth Rich this could collapse the left. What happens when the world learns Russia never hacked anyone in 2016 and a Bernie bro leaker was murdered with the approval from Podesta? That it was covered up and blamed on Trump?
This would again pit the far left Socialists against the DNC establishment like we've never seen before. A powder keg. No way they win many elections with this irreparable schism.
It also means that everything that came after was a cover up and the media and everyone else involved are immediately suspect. It destroys whatever is left of Spygate especially as more and more is unredacted showing they knowingly framed the Potus and committed treasonous acts.
Do people start to question everything else the past four years? Do people wonder how the "conspiracy theorists" were right and nobody else was? Could the left claim this was intended to weaken the President's opponent? Does Seth Rich's family have a story to tell? Lynch pin
Podesta could also open the flood gates to other things like...
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