was lana del rey’s fifth studio album Norman Fucking Rockwell a successful album? (a thread):
the album was one of the most successful female albums of 2019, however it was one of lana’s lowest preforming albums; explained below.
the album was released on August 30th 2019, Lana (being lana) gave us little heads up and 3 weeks before the release date gave the world the albums only promotion; an instagram post with the cover and track list
despite this the posts gained 2M likes and her fan base was hyped and the instagram post quickly appeared in many newspapers over the two weeks leading up to it release.
BUT 1 instagram post was shite promotion so ... lol
on aug 30th the album dropped, it immediately over the next week became the most praised and highest critically award album of 2019 (and still is) and the 2nd most critically acclaimed album of the 2010s (still is) with 94%, so it didn’t flop critically.
the album was released the week after taylor’s massive album Lover so was expect to be a #2 debut on the BB200, this would be her 3/5 album’s to go #2 (the other two albums went #1 in 2014 and 2017) and for a hardly promoted album it was looking hopeful.
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