Lord Vishnu occupies an integral place in Indian mythology and religion. Lord Vishnu is known for his many incarnations.

Parshuram is believed to be his sixth incarnation.The story of Parshuram belongs to the Treta yug.

The word Parshuram means Lord Ram with an axe.
Bhagwan Parshuram was the Great Grandson of Bhrugu Rishi, after whom the “Bhruguvansh” has been named. Bhrugu’s Son, Richeek, married King Gadhi’s daughter, Satyavati. One day, Satyavati requested Bhrugu for a Son for herself and her mother.
Bhrugu prescribed separate regimens for the two ladies in terms of worshipping a particular kind of tree, keeping in mind that Satyavati was married to a Brahmin and Her mother to a Kshatriya. However, the two ladies got confused .
Satyavati followed the regimen of her mother and Vice Versa. Consequently, Bhrugu foretold that Satyavati’s son will display Kshatriya traits and her mother’s son will display Brahmin Traits. After some pleading, Satyavati convinced Bhrugu to have this effect-
-not on her son (Jamadagni) but her Grandson (Parshuram) Jamadagni married Renuka, daughter of King Prasenjit.
They had five Sons, Parshuram being the youngest, As Bhrugu had foretold, Parshuram, despite of being born in a Brahmin family, had Kshatriya traits in terms of valour.
Haihaya King Kartavirya Arjuna (Sahasrarjuna – purported to possess a thousand arms) and his army visited Jamadagni, a Brahmin sage, who fed his guest and the whole army with his divine cow Surabhi. The king demanded the magical cow.
Jamadagni refused because he needed the cow for his religious ceremonies. King Kartavirya Arjuna (Sahasrarjuna) took the cow forcibly and devastated the ashram. Angered at this, Parshuram killed the king’s entire army -
and, after cutting each one of his thousand arms, killed the king himself with his axe. As a revenge, the King’s sons killed Jamadagni in Parshuram’s absence.

When Parashuram returned home, he found his mother next to the lifeless and headless body of his father-
she called out to Rama twenty-one times to protect his father.Rama vowed to take revenge and vowed that he would wipe out 21 generations of Kshatriyas, the number of times his mother called him.
“He wiped out with a vengeance 21 generations of the Royal clan from the face of the earth. Later He gave away the earth in a Yagjna and retired to a land, which He reclaimed, from the Sea.”
It is mentioned in the Puranas that Lord Parshuram 21 times fulfilled his resolve by filling the earth with the Kshatriya and filling the five lakes of the Samvatpanchak region with his blood. It is said that Maharishi Richiek had himself stopped Lord Parashuram --
from doing such a terrible act, then somehow stopped the destruction of the Kshatriyas on the other side.
After that Lord, Parashuram performed the Shraadh ceremony of his ancestors and according to his knowledge, Ashwamedh and Vishwajit Yajna performed.
Lord shiva and parshuram
Once, Lord Shiva challenged Sri Parashuram to a battle to test his skills in warfare. The spiritual master (Gurudev) Deity Shiv and the disciple Sri Parashuram were locked in a fierce battle. This dreadful duel lasted for twenty one days.
Parashuram vigorously attacked Him with his Parshu. It struck Shiva on the forehead creating a wound. Shiv was very pleased to see the amazing warfare skills of His disciple. He passionately embraced Parashuram.Shiv preserved this wound as an ornament so that the reputation -
so that the reputation of His disciple remained imperishable and insurmountable. 'Khanda-parshu' (wounded by Parashu) is one of the thousand names (for the salutation) of Shiv.
The Kalki Purana states Parshuram will be the martial guru of Sri Kalki, the 10th and final avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is he who instructs Kalki to perform a long penance to Shiva to receive celestial weaponry.
In the Kanyakumari Temple, Bhagwan Parshuram installed the Idol made of blue stone. Parshuram installed the idol of Dharma Sastha (Ayyappa) on the peak on the Sabarimala Hill in the forest. Parshuram trained Ayyappa .
he turned to penance believing that he had made the Brahmins absolutely free from the fears of Kshatriyas. Parashurama is considered ‘Chiranjeevi’ or immortal and is said to rule until ‘Maha Pralaya’ or the end of the world.
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