1/ “Scores of doctors unable to treat patients with adequate protective equipment have reportedly quit, hospitals are under resourced and overwhelmed and critics question whether the president and former strongman can stand up against the invisible new foe.” @TheSun
2/ “Medical staff say they have run out of oxygen and ambulance crews queue for hours to deliver patients to overloaded hospitals.

Billionaire oligarchs have bought up desperately needed ventilators for private use amid public anger that the govt is favouring the rich.”- @TheSun
3/ “Kremlin foe and former chess champion @Kasparov63 said ‘dictator’ Putin ‘doesn’t care about any loss of life, only loss of power.’

‘One-man dictatorships are dangerous but brittle. Putin’s allies might take the opportunity to turn on him to better save themselves.’”- @TheSun
4/ “While Covid-19 was filling European hospitals, Russia was still filling soccer stadiums with fans and, in one case, the opening ceremony of a chess event in a theatre with more than a thousand people".- @TheSun @Kasparov63
5/ “Footage from St Petersburg showed stricken patients lying on bare mattresses in corridors.

“In one hospital that specialises in infectious diseases, a third of suspected or confirmed coronavirus cases were medical staff.”- @thesun
6/ “So far, bail outs have been focused on big firms, many controlled by oligarchs close to the Kremlin.”- @TheSun
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